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We fully comprehend that shipping and logistics is the future of Pakistan and we work in accordance to this belief

A multibillion dollar opportunity in the making

A modern transport infrastructure is the way forward for Pakistan’s development. It plays a major role in the economic uplift of a country as its implications promote enhanced internal and external trade, provides precious foreign exchange and results in economic use of natural resources.

World Bank estimates that poor performance of the transport sector costs Pakistan approximately five percent of their annual GDP. Furthermore, thirty percent of agriculture output is currently wasted due to its inefficient farm to market channels, lack of cold storage facilities and an obsolete underpowered trucking fleet.

Pakistan is seeing an overhaul of its transportation network [road, rail, sea and air routes] and the direct result is a boom in the shipping and logistics sector.

We are there to work with you every step of the way as you plan out your new transport / logistics venture, either on the traditional lines or tech enabled, or contemplate entering into the shipping business to take advantage of Gwadar port.

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