Mergers and Acquisitions


The favourite buzzword but how to achieve it

All companies experience a cycle of organic growth but then reach a plateau. The only way forward and at times the only way to achieve rapid growth is to acquire or merge with an existing well established business.

Acquisition strategies are undertaken for a variety of reasons. It could be that you want to:

  • increase buying power with suppliers
  • achieve consolidation of supply or markets
  • acquire a distribution network for an existing product line
  • reduce risk through product diversification.

Whatever the underlying reasons, the one thing that all acquisition strategies have in common is a desire to strengthen and grow the existing business and to change the status quo. However the majority of mergers and acquisitions do not achieve the desired result. The key is careful planning and analysis if a successful outcome is to be achieved.

We are one of the major Chartered Accountancy firm that offers fully dedicated multidisciplinary M&A advisory capabilities. From strategy to execution, our services are underpinned by extensive financial, tax, commercial and operational experience, the key ingredients to achieving a meaningful M&A.

Our Finance Advisory team works with clients at every stage of the process, helping to:

  • identify suitable targets
  • research, develop and implement acquisition strategies
  • initiate discussion with potential targets
  • negotiate, structure and close the deal

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