Due Diligence


An activity whose importance is paramount

Whether you are looking to raise capital, considering an acquisition for growth or seeking to diversify, a due diligence exercise is the key. At Parker Russell we understand that failure to achieve the desired result is primarily driven by lack of a detailed, comprehensive due diligence exercise.

Our mindset is that one has to look beyond the numbers and the tax implications. Quality of HR, IT integration, the culture in place etc all have an equal impact on the envisaged M&A / divestiture.

It is even more important in raising private equity as companies increasingly inquire regarding the mindset and value addition of the potential investor.

We provide detailed due diligence services for acquisitions, disposals and public and private offerings which are more indepth in nature and also cover those areas which are traditionally ignored i.e. HR, IT and cultural implications.

Our team therefore undertakes a structured and thorough approach to due diligence projects which include:

  • Strategy – Understand the strategic aims of the transaction and the critical success factors for the acquirer or investor
  • Meticulous Planning – Agree the time scales and resources required, the scope of the overall project and key areas of risk on which to focus
  • Execution – To undertake the exercise in the desired time frame.
  • Reporting – Periodic reporting to identify any potential deal breakers at the preliminary stage
  • Commercial Implications – The results of the due diligence may indicate that additional warranties, indemnities and guarantees may be required and/or that the purchase criteria and considerations may need to be reviewed.

We have been traditionally involved in all the aspects of the transaction and work hand in hand with the financial advisor and the legal team and provide continued support throughout the transaction.

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