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Most businesses routinely spend countless hours and a substantial portion of their overheads in managing their internal finance and accounting functions. The consequence is that these companies are distracted from their core operations. We have the concept of countless meetings but more and more meetings are now focused on the operational aspects and not the strategic aspects of the companies.

To help businesses re-engage with their core functions and liberate time for other important activities, many of the finance and accounting processes can be outsourced.

Parker Russell will assist the Clients in the following three core areas:

Internal Audit

Risk management is no longer a form filling exercise nor a matter of identifying and mitigating immaterial business steps. Risk is now viewed as an opportunity to add value to the company’s operations.

Our clients routinely ask us to perform internal control audits / outsource the internal audit function to us. Our team is highly experienced in the assessment of business risks and control and use a rigorous approach to assess the business processes in their entirety. Rest assured that we will help you to identify and understand the inherent risks within key processes, and whether the current systems are serving their purpose or need to be amended.

Our mindset is that the Internal Audit function is one of the most influential and value-adding services available to the Board.

Bookkeeping services

Reliable, accurate and cost effective bookkeeping services function is essential for any business. We work hand in hand with you, not as a simple advisor but as a vital partner. We undertake our responsibility to ensure that your records are accurate and up to date with 100% commitment. This is all done while ensuring that your cost levels are decreased and your input is minimized.

Payroll services

Payroll processing is an extremely time-consuming activity as well as one of the most critical activity from a HR perspective. Coupled with the added complexities of personal loans and contributions to pension funds / gratuity funds / retirement benefits / leave encashments etc make this a more time consuming and a monthly number crunching exercise.

By handing over the routine number crunching exercise to an external service provider your HR staff is free to focus on the core HR activities. The intangible aspects of any organization are gaining more and more prominence and the HR team has to practically have the time to formulate appropriate plans and to implement them.

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