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Specialist advice on all issues relating to company formation

It is essential to choose the company structure which best suits your purpose. Be it an Association of Persons, a Partnership, a Limited Liability Structure, a Liaison office or a Branch office.

We provide the appropriate advice regarding what structure best meets your business needs and the related corporate and tax implications. As part of our services, we will liaise with all the concerned regulatory authorities.

Our scope of services is not restricted to the company formation process but also covers getting the necessary registrations with the local tax authorities. Based on our experience a critical area which his often ignored by companies with foreign shareholding is registration with the State Bank of Pakistan. This is essential for repatriation of future dividends and should be undertaken from the outset.

Secretarial services

While any jurisdiction wants to enhance the Ease of Doing Business in their respective country, filing of statutory returns / accounts are mandatory. Numerous companies consider this as a waste of time and are prone to filing late statutory returns / incomplete documents / not filing them at all. This results in a needless waste of time and penalties and misfiled documents.

We ensure that all your records are updated and submitted in a timely manner which allows the Client to focus on their core business activities.

Proper record keeping becomes more critical once private limited companies contemplate induction of new shareholders / undertake a major divestment / major investment activity. This is critical for family run businesses with multiple shareholders and generational shareholding structures in place.

Having shares in electronic form is highly recommended over having physical shares and we can recommend suitable share registrar service providers on our panel.

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