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At Parker Russell we believe that real estate development is one of the fundamental growth factors for any economy. With its undeniable impact on numerous ancillary industries, the real estate sector has been traditionally used to jump start economic activity.

The property and construction sector continues to develop to meet the needs of customers and the environment. The industry is changing with focus on low-cost housing, green buildings and prefabricated materials. There has been a noticeable movement towards niche and specialist services, with businesses focusing on their core competences.

We provide a wide variety of services encompassing audit, accounting, tax advice, corporate finance, corporate restructuring and consulting. By working with renowned legal advisors we can extend the range of solutions we offer to the property and construction sectors very widely.

We also provide assistance in arranging for private equity partners, joint venture partners and arranging banking lines for working capital / acquisition financing. We therefore provide integrated solutions to property developers and investors.

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